Isabel T.

Dr. Eric Mondschein, is a wonderful Veterinarian. He came into our lives when one of our dogs, Apple, suffered a spinal stroke (FCE) which left her paralyzed. Apple was unable to walk, urinate on her own and was going through a psychological readjustment. She was depressed, and highly dependent on us for everything. Due to Apple’s condition, it was recommended that she receive physical therapy and acupuncture. After one month of starting physical rehabilitation, there were no improvements. Dr. Mondschein was highly recommended by one of his colleagues, and with no hesitation he began treating Apple. With the new physical therapy exercises and acupuncture we observed results week after week. This is how Dr. Mondschein became our veterinarian of choice. His expertise in conventional veterinary medicine, along with his knowledge in holistic medicine, physical therapy and acupuncture makes him the best veterinarian you can count on. He is professional and caring. He has been taking care of our dogs for years. As mentioned before, he helped our dog Apple recover 80% of her ability to walk and made her independent; she has also regained her happiness and strength. Dr. Mondschein has also operated on our pug, Luna, who had cancer, and thankfully the cancer has not returned. Dr. Mondschein provides the most complete and professional medical care you can give your beloved pets.

Isabel T.
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