Lisa M.

5 years ago my little French bulldog Ben, started having muscle spasms starting in his neck and going down his back. He quickly lost the function in his hind legs. I took him to my vet, they referred us to a specialist that ran tests and did an MRI. They could find nothing wrong with him. Ben had stopped eating, he couldn't move on his own, in just a few days he had lost almost 10 lbs. I took him back to our vet, my heart was broken. Ben was only 5 years old and I was not ready to lose him but made an appointment for the following day to take him in and let his pain end. When I was leaving my vet recommended that as a last resort that I could try acupuncture and gave me Dr. Mondschein's contact. He came out that day and treated Ben. I was skeptical, but desperate to do anything I could to save my baby. That night Ben was still in pain and I was sure it had not worked but Dr. Mondschein told me to give it 24 hrs. I tucked Ben into my bed with me and fell asleep. When I woke up, Ben was not there, I thought my husband had taken him to the vet so I wouldn't have to. I was wrong, Ben was in the kitchen, eating. He was still not 100%, but not only could he walk, he got off the bed and was eating for the first time in over a week. Ben had a couple follow up treatments before he returned to his crazy self. His muscle spasms have come back a few times in the last five years but after just one treatment he returns to his normal self.

I am so grateful that I put my skepticism aside and called Dr. Mondschein 5 years ago. Ben would not be with me today had he not recognized what was wrong and treated him for something that no other veterinarians could figure out.

Lisa M.
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