Dr. Mondschein is one of the best Vets we have ever had in our lives. He is caring, gentle, thorough, and thoughtful. Both of our dogs have adored and trusted him. He was also able to think of alternative and lesser-known treatments. He did the homework on those ideas, and in both cases they worked for our elderly pups. Dr. Eric is great, and I would recommend him to everyone for their animals.

Jane S.

Dr. Mondschein genuinely cares for our pets. Our labrador has faced a number of complicated medical issues over the years. Dr. Mondschein has always gone out of his way to evaluate, diagnose and treat our lab, often using natural remedies such as acupuncture, herbal supplements and massage for the best outcome with the least potential for negative side effects. We are grateful for his caring touch!

Sharon F.

We adopted Honey in 2015 knowing she had some nerve damage to her back end from a prior injury. The nerve damage caused incontinence and limited her mobility. We were referred to Eric, who came to our home to meet with Honey. He applied acupuncture treatments for about 6 weeks. These treatments made a huge difference in her mobility. After only a few weeks she was able to wag her tail and started to gain strength in her hind legs. Eric recommended a natural herb supplement for her incontinence which we have been using successfully since. Eric is prompt in his shipment with each supplement order. He was always gentle and kind with our girl and made her comfortable during the acupuncture treatments. If it weren't for Eric and his treatment of Honey, I don't believe she would have made the progress that she has.

Halley S.

We discovered Dr. Mondschein after researching veterinarians who practice acupuncture, and he has been our primary vet for several years. Our first appointment with Dr. M was very serious. He had to tell us our 5 year old had cancer. What I found to be so comforting was his calm and concerning manner in which he handled the situation. His recommendations were factual and promising and we are elated that she is still alive today, over four years later, and doing very very well. Considering our dog has cancer my wife and I wanted to have a mix of eastern and western medicine to treat the cancer. Dr. M offers a multitude of western medicine along with eastern treatments like acupuncture and natural remedies. As Olive continues to battle her cancer using the latest in targeted radiation and chemotherapy drugs she also receives acupuncture and natural remedies (including a raw diet) that we feel helps her to be the vibrant dog full of energy and a lust for life. In short you would never know our dog continues to battle cancer four years after her diagnosis and surgery, and we feel Dr.Mondschein's efforts are a pivotal part of her well being. Dr. M initially treated our senior Chiweenie, Booger, with acupuncture and Chinese herbs for various senior ailments, helping us to provide her a healthier, longer life of 17 years, which we will be forever grateful for!

Matt and Giselle T.

Dr. Eric was remarkable in treating our beloved German Shepherd Max. Max suffered from degenerative myelopathy in his later years which deprived him of the use of his hind quarters. Dr. Eric developed a very good rapport with him while administering weekly acupuncture treatments. Max would get his daily exercise by swimming in the family pool. In conjunction with Dr. Eric’s treatments, Max was able to stand to eat and developed some limited mobility. Dr. Eric vastly improved Max’s quality of life during his final year with us. We can’t say enough good things about the compassion, care and most importantly, the results from Dr. Eric’s treatments. We would not hesitate in recommending Dr. Eric.

Vic N.

Dr. Eric Mondschein, is a wonderful Veterinarian. He came into our lives when one of our dogs, Apple, suffered a spinal stroke (FCE) which left her paralyzed. Apple was unable to walk, urinate on her own and was going through a psychological readjustment. She was depressed, and highly dependent on us for everything. Due to Apple’s condition, it was recommended that she receive physical therapy and acupuncture. After one month of starting physical rehabilitation, there were no improvements. Dr. Mondschein was highly recommended by one of his colleagues, and with no hesitation he began treating Apple. With the new physical therapy exercises and acupuncture we observed results week after week. This is how Dr. Mondschein became our veterinarian of choice. His expertise in conventional veterinary medicine, along with his knowledge in holistic medicine, physical therapy and acupuncture makes him the best veterinarian you can count on. He is professional and caring. He has been taking care of our dogs for years. As mentioned before, he helped our dog Apple recover 80% of her ability to walk and made her independent; she has also regained her happiness and strength. Dr. Mondschein has also operated on our pug, Luna, who had cancer, and thankfully the cancer has not returned. Dr. Mondschein provides the most complete and professional medical care you can give your beloved pets.

Isabel T.

We will always be grateful for the calm, compassionate care and wise counsel that Dr. Mondschein provided in our beloved black lab’s senior years. Bella suffered from severe arthritis that seriously affected her mobility. We sought an alternative to pain medications and were fortunate to find Dr. Mondschein who successfully treated her with acupuncture. Because she could not get into the car on her own and I could not lift her, he came to our home to treat her. He also advised us on helpful rehabilitative exercises to do with her. Without a doubt, Dr. Mondschein’s care greatly improved Bella’s quality of life in her final years.

Bob and Ann G.

5 years ago my little French bulldog Ben, started having muscle spasms starting in his neck and going down his back. He quickly lost the function in his hind legs. I took him to my vet, they referred us to a specialist that ran tests and did an MRI. They could find nothing wrong with him. Ben had stopped eating, he couldn't move on his own, in just a few days he had lost almost 10 lbs. I took him back to our vet, my heart was broken. Ben was only 5 years old and I was not ready to lose him but made an appointment for the following day to take him in and let his pain end. When I was leaving my vet recommended that as a last resort that I could try acupuncture and gave me Dr. Mondschein's contact. He came out that day and treated Ben. I was skeptical, but desperate to do anything I could to save my baby. That night Ben was still in pain and I was sure it had not worked but Dr. Mondschein told me to give it 24 hrs. I tucked Ben into my bed with me and fell asleep. When I woke up, Ben was not there, I thought my husband had taken him to the vet so I wouldn't have to. I was wrong, Ben was in the kitchen, eating. He was still not 100%, but not only could he walk, he got off the bed and was eating for the first time in over a week. Ben had a couple follow up treatments before he returned to his crazy self. His muscle spasms have come back a few times in the last five years but after just one treatment he returns to his normal self.

I am so grateful that I put my skepticism aside and called Dr. Mondschein 5 years ago. Ben would not be with me today had he not recognized what was wrong and treated him for something that no other veterinarians could figure out.

Lisa M.

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