Dog and Cat Wellness Exams

At The Heights Veterinary Clinic we offer comprehensive nose to tail exams to address all the health needs of your furry family members. Our doctors and technicians will discuss your pet’s medical history and answer any questions you may have regarding your pet’s well-being.

Wellness Exam For
Adult Dogs and Cats

Comprehensive wellness exams are the foundation for your pet’s health and well-being. During the exam our dedicated doctors will review your pet’s medical records, do a complete physical exam, update vaccines according to your pet’s lifestyle, review heartworm and flea preventatives, and discuss any concerns you may have regarding your pet’s health.

Diagnostic tests recommended during annual wellness exams include annual heartworm testing, annual fecal testing, and early detection blood work. Annual wellness exams are one of the best ways to identify and treat diseases before they become a significant health problem.

Senior Pet Exams

We love our senior pets and want them to live their golden years happy and pain free! At The Heights Veterinary Clinic we partner with you to ensure your pet lives their life to the fullest. Some of the health issues many senior animals face include cognitive dysfunction, endocrine or metabolic diseases, different types of cancers, and osteoarthritis. Our doctors will conduct a complete and comprehensive exam and make specific diagnostic and treatment recommendations tailored to your pet’s needs.

We pride ourselves on employing a holistic view and utilizing both Western and alternative therapies to create the best treatment and pain management plan for your pet. At The Heights Veterinary Clinic we employ a variety of nutritional supplements and nutraceuticals to help support the body’s immune system and aid in the management of specific chronic diseases. We recommend all senior pets have exams and blood work every 6 months so we can detect any abnormalities early enough to intervene and extend their quality of life.

Sick Pet Exam

At The Heights Veterinary Clinic we are equipped to handle, diagnosis, and treat a variety of medical illnesses. If you feel your pet is not acting normally or exhibiting any abnormal symptoms please call to make an appointment for them as soon as possible. Common illnesses for which your pet should be seen include vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, limping, not eating, labored breathing, red eyes, change in behavior, and any other symptoms that appear worrisome.

We will partner with you to address all your concerns and If needed we have a variety of diagnostic capabilities including in house laboratory machines and digital radiography. Our goal is to make your pet feel better quickly so that they can get back to enjoying life to the fullest.

New Puppy or Kitten
Wellness Exams

We love seeing your new addition to the family and feel privileged to be part of their health care team from the very beginning. During your new puppy or kitten exam we will review their records and discuss an appropriate wellness plan that suits their lifestyle. Items that will be addressed during the exam will include vaccination protocol, fecal testing for intestinal parasites, deworming schedule, heartworm prevention, flea and tick prevention, timing of spay and neuter, pet insurance, diet and nutrition, and any other concerns you may have. 

Our goal is for your puppy or kitten to have a stress free, healthy, and happy transition to their new home.

Drop-off Exam

Our goal is to assist in accommodating the busy lifestyles of our clients. As part of that, we can arrange a drop-off exam so that we can address your pet’s health issues in a timely fashion. Before you drop your pet off, our technicians will obtain a thorough medical history and discuss any current medical issues with a doctor.

A comprehensive treatment plan will be created to address all of your concerns, and approved diagnostics and treatments will be conducted. We will then reach back out to you to discuss our findings and address any additional questions.

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